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Anti Stress Toys

This is a severe finding: an estimated 600,000 workers are thought to have sought medical advice for work-related stress in 2009 – that is according the American Health and Safety Commission. The trend is believed to be increasing every year. This particular statics bring to the fore the concern that people need to engage in some form of anti-stress therapy.


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Business promoting their products or services should take the cue. When planning for the next promotional campaign, consider helping our weary working fellows relieve work-related tension by giving them promotional anti-stress toys. This a kind of giveaway that is sure to amuse for its novelty but no sooner will the recipient realise the function and the value of such stuff seemingly made for Tots.


With just a little squeeze and good grasp, here are some of the most popular and fascinating anti-stress toys that are helping banish the tension:


  • Ice Cream Cone, Popsicle and Ice Cream Sundae


Promotional anti-stress in your favourite ice cream cone and Popsicle shapes that look good enough to lick. Some Popsicle anti-stress toys are designed with a mock bite out of it. There is enough room for printing of your company’s logo and contact details in this lovely promotional desktop gift. Most promotional products suppliers would let you choose the flavour and colour you like for your Ice Cream. This is good for any product’s summertime promotional campaigns, trade fairs and regular company gatherings especially when the employee’s kids are invited over.


  • Comical Characters


Creating fun shapes with anti-stress toys has limitless anti stress toypossibilities including funny characters. Your company can choose to target the specific recipients of the promotional anti-stress toy giveaways. Cartoon characters are easily favourite among parents with kids. Single men and women are sure to be amused with anti-stress toys with comical designs featuring occupational characters: nurses, executives, or a stripper, why not?


  • Geometric Shapes


One of the most common promotional anti-stress toy designs is rendered in simple geometric shapes: cube, round, tube, oval, among many others. For an added motif, different sides to the figure can be fashioned with different colours. This design is mostly preferred because it affords larger print areas for company name, logo, tagline and contact details.


  • Containers, Canisters and Tubes


Adults and kids, too are sure to delight in an assortment of promotional anti-stress toys shaped in the seemingly familiar shapes of containers, canisters and tubes. The spin is the mock imitating the look and design of an actual product shapes such as ointment and toothpaste tubes, a candy container or a juice bottle, to name a few. There is enough room to play for design achieving bigger text and highlighted details about your company.


Another popular term for anti-stress toys are stress balls; the latter is designed around. There are also pyramid stress toy, travel stress toys, nuts & bolts stress toy and anti-stress toys designed like fruit and vegetables. There’s one that is sure to make one pick, do a couple of squeezes and never put back.


After going for a particular design which has undoubtedly caught your fancy, the best anti-stress toy there is should feel fun to squeeze, snug to the feel on your palm. It is high that when a recipient enjoys his or her time with the anti-stress toy, your brand printed clearly on it takes the credit; thanks for the quick relief.

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