body contouring procedure

Understanding the different body contouring procedure

Body contouring refers to a number of treatments that reshape and sculpt the body to boost your proportions and figure. Body lift procedures normally work by minimizing unwanted fat or/and tightening your loose skin. In other situations, fat is usually added carefully to some areas like the buttocks to enhance your proportions and figure.

Note that, when we grow old, fat accumulates under the skin. Consequently, the skin together with other supporting tissues loses its elasticity. Weight loss also has a negative impact on the skin as it can also accentuate the skin to lose its elasticity, but for other people, body contouring can enhance reshape of your body parts such as love handles, thighs, and the abdomen.

There are four types of body contouring procedures. They include:

  1. Non-surgical (non-invasive) fat reduction procedures

This type of body contouring minimizes unwanted fat without either downtime or surgery. Desired and exceptional results always rely on a wide range of factors like the amount of fat that requires to be eliminated and the present state of the elasticity of your skin. It normally involves treatments such as coolsculpting and sculpsure.

Other non-surgical body contouring usually involves inconsistent or poor outcomes. They include fat reduction technologies inclusive of Vanquish, Zerona, and Trusculpt. Always seek medical advice prior to having such procedures on your body.

  1. body contouring procedureNon-Surgical (non-invasive) skin tightening procedures

They normally try to tighten loose skin minus surgery. There exist a group of devices available gadgets today that assist in doing this. These devices normally use a type of radiofrequency energy and others depend on light, vacuum technology and/or ultrasound. They usually go by several names like Ultherapy, Titan, Thermage, Venus Freeze, Exilis among others.

  1. Liposuction

This type of procedures eliminates unwanted fat under the skin via a tiny opening in the skin. This method can remove more fat in the skin than non-invasive treatments.

  1. Abdominal lifts and tucks

This procedure is the most invasive and normally requires surgery. It’s ideal for those people who contain loose abdominal skin, excess fat and weakened abdominal muscles.

It’s always important to consult a doctor before engaging in any body contouring procedures so that you can get the one that effectively suits your needs.

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