Breast Implants Gone Wrong

Breast implants gone wrong

People choose to go for cosmetic surgery for many reasons. This applies to breast implant surgeries, among the reasons that make someone go for a breast implant is to alter the shape, to increase the size of the breast and to make uneven breast even. Before going for the surgery, you must consider the possible outcomes. Some people will search on internet cases where breast implants gone wrong. All this is to help you decide whether it worthy or not. Visit this site to know more about breast implant and avoid complications.

Here are some of the common breast implant complications.

There are typical side effects that will disappear after a while such as temporary pain, swelling and bruising. Apart from these side effects, there are other more serious complications that can arise. These conditions can either:

  1. Poor cosmetic results

Poor augmentation results are caused by inexperienced surgeons. These results can make your breast look more disappointing. They include the fake-looking breasts, unshapely breasts, and uneven-looking breasts for the patient’s body. Having the surgery performed by a professional and a certified cosmetic surgeon can help reduce the probability of these complications.Breast implants gone wrong

  1. Surgical complications

These are complications that not only affect the appearance of the breast but can also be painful and life-threatening. They are mostly due to poor after surgery care and inexperienced surgeons. They include:

  • Capsular Contracture 

This occurs when the scar tissue that forms around the implant becomes abnormally hardened resulting in an unnatural appearance of the breast and pain. This is due to implants that are too large which results in bleeding and infection after surgery. A correction surgery can be done to remove the scar and to replace the implant.

  • Implant Malposition 

This occurs when the implant isn’t placed in the correct position. During the surgery, a pocket to hold the implant is created and if not well created the implant can drift off the position. Sleeping on your chest before the breast has fully healed can also cause malpositioning of the implant.

  • Implant Rupture 

Breast implants are designed to last for long, but they sometimes rupture. Implant rupture can be caused by compression on the breast, excessive trauma and natural aging of the implant. Implant rupture calls for implant removal and replacement.

  • Symmastia 

This occurs when the implants rest close to each other in the center of the chest making the skin between them to rise up. This is mostly caused by improper positioning of the pockets and weak support tissues. This calls for a revision of the procedure by an experienced surgeon.

  • Implant Rippling 

Implant rippling occurs when the surface of the implant is visible through the skin. It’s caused by poor coverage and large implants. This condition can be fixed with implant removal and replacement together with fat grafting.

Most breast implants are successive, but you should have it done by an experienced and certified surgeon. You should also follow all the after surgery instructions for correct and fast healing.

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