Dentures vs implants pros & cons

dentures vs implants pros & cons

It’s quite common for the elderly to suffer from oral health issues, and most of the time they end up needing a false teeth. Although it may seem that a regular set of dentures will deliver the goods, there are also other options at present thanks to the advancement of technology. These happen to be implants, and in the subsequent paragraphs, we have thrown light on the topic:tooth implants vs dentures for elderly by discussing the dentures vs implants pros & cons.

What are dentures?

By the term dentures, we refer to removable teeth that can replace the regular teeth as well as a part of the gum tissue. Here are the advantages and drawbacks of using dentures.

The Pros:

1. It’s feasible to match the material for making the dentures to your present gums, thus helping to hide the dentures within your mouth.

2. Dentures, unlike the individual implants, are rather inexpensive.

3. Dentures can be adjusted to accommodate any loss of teeth in the future and can likewise support the facial structure.

The Cons:

1. Dentures might keep falling out and some people might also struggle to keep them in position.

2. Dentures are usually not as natural looking as the implants.

3. Dentures typically need more maintenance, and one has to also clean them regularly.

What are implants? dentures vs implants pros & cons

Dental implants involve the fastening of an anchor into the jawbone as well as through the gum. Following this, an artificial tooth will be attached to the anchor for maintaining its position. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of using implants.

The Pros:

1. Implants will appear to be natural given that they closely match the teeth in color as well as composition.

2. Implants are more secure plus stable and it’s not going to move or shift whatsoever.

3. No special maintenance is needed for dental impacts.

The Cons:

1. In case the jaw bone isn’t strong enough, it’ll be tough to make the anchor screw secure or even keep it in place.

2. The implant cannot be secured properly in case of unhealthy or receding gums.

3. Implants are usually pricier as compared to the dentures.

Thus, there are advantages as well as drawbacks to both these options and it depends entirely on the person regarding which one he likes. It’s important to take into consideration these dentures vs implants pros & cons as well as the requirements prior to making a decision.

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