Discharge during pregnancy

discharge during pregnancy

Pregnancy discharge is a very normal sign amongst pregnant women. As a matter of fact, some women notice discharge before they can truly tell if they are pregnant. Among all the other signs of pregnancy, vaginal discharge is believed to be the early sign that a woman is pregnant. However, this is not the case across all women; some experience the discharge as a result of infections in which case the discharge is yellow in color.

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Pregnancy discharge is a thick substance produce as a result of vaginal walls thickening as a result of lining cells producing a lot of mucous and increase in blood flow around the vagina. The discharge for pregnant women should be light, less smelly and thin. It is always important for women to be observing the color of their discharge as time goes because it changes. In case it has a strong smell, and yellow in color then below are some of the reasons;

discharge during pregnancy1). Yeast infection, this as mentioned above consists of a smelly fluid, thick and yellow in color. If one notices this infection it’s important to notify the doctor immediately.

2). STD infections, some of the std are characterized by odor smelling discharge in unusual ways.

3). A bacterial infection which causes vaginal irritation leading to the vagina to produce a lot of smelling fluids that can be mistaken for pregnancy discharge.

But of importance is to know and note that all pregnancies are different, they produce different kinds and types of discharge, sometimes pinkish, yellowish an also brownish. Changes in color and smell of the leaks should be keenly observed and ensure that pregnant women seek medical advice from a specialist. This is because pregnancy discharge is a very alarming issue of concern to women, but with proper medical attention, it is a normal thing among all pregnant women.

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