Mini Breast Lift

Mini Breast Lift With Implants

Mini breast lift with implants done, in another name, is known as Breast Augmentation Lifts. This method is made to improve the breast region, shape, and size of the breasts to have young posture and to appear attractive. When you apply this method excess skin is lifted on your breast to tighten and raise your breasts on the chest wall. To enlarge the volume of your breast implants will be fixed. Moreover, the nipple complexity is made resized and repositioned to achieve optimal results.

Before the surgery, several factors are assessed such as breast size, the complexity of your skin with contour by considering the present alignment of the breasts proportionality to your body shape. Determining if breast augmentation may be an appropriate treatment option for you then specific breast measurements have to be taken at that particular time. Generally, if the length between your areola and inframammary is beneath the breasts at 9.5-10.5 centimeters when stretched maximumly, then breast lift enlargement is an appropriate choice for you. When the measurements are below nine centimeters, then a dual breasts technique with augmentation is applied.

For you to know how your breast will look like with different lift implants, an imaging 3D Vectra Xt can be used to give a high resolution after taking breasts. Choosing the best implant for your breasts is not a guessing game, but the appropriate procedure is followed to come up with a required operational strategy that will help to get proper aesthetic goals.

Mini Breast LiftAdvantages of having breasts implants

Three best incisional patterns that may be used in breast lifts implant;

  • Incisional Anchor pattern
  • Incisional Lollipop Pattern
  • Incisional Periareolar model

When implants have been situated correctly and achieved desired breast shape with appropriate symmetry, then the skin will be pulled tightly and then reattached beneath the breasts by use of small sutures and may take four hours though vary according to an individual.

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