Choose a proper mouthguard for teeth grinding

man wearing red mouthguard for teeth grinding

Mouthguards are very important in our life especially when we want to protect our teeth and prevent them from grinding whenever we are sleeping. There are also situations when we participate in sports such as boxing which can expose our teeth to damage. An Epping orthodontist suggests that getting a mouthguard for teeth grinding will save you from future problems related to worn out teeth. Even though teeth grinding (bruxism) may seem to be a very challenging disorder, more research has been done to ensure a solution is found to help people with such a problem.

muthguard for teeth grinding or sports

Mouthguard types available in the market

Stock mouthguards. This kind of mouthguards is relatively cheap and can be found easily in the sports shops. They come in large medium and small sizes which make them fit on most of our teeth, they can be used to cover the top of our teeth. Their main challenge is that their size may not fit you which may cause difficulty when you having them on your mouth.

Boil and bite mouthguard. This is the best choice for everyone. You just need to visit your drug store and find one which comes in almost the same size. Its advantage is that you will only need to boil it to ensure its soft then you press it on your teeth. This ensures it fits effectively.

Custom made mouthguards. Visiting your dentist will allow you to get the best-customized mouthguard which works with the exact mold of your mouth and teeth. This can help you more from teeth injury and grinding.

After you have identified the best mouth guard to use while you are sleeping, you will find it very easy to maintain your teeth and prevent it from grinding while you are asleep. You also need to know that the mouthguard can also help to reduce how you snore. Proper maintenance is also very necessary if you ever wish to have a quality result from this items.

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