Stress And Teeth

Relationship Between Stress And Teeth

You can never rule out the impact of stress when it comes to perfect oral care since it has a direct influence on your teeth. It’s therefore important to consider the relationship that exists between stress and teeth and know clearly some of the influences that it may have.

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Never assume stress in your life as the negative impact that it causes can take away the joy that you find on your teeth. Irrespective of the cause, stress will automatically create some wired behaviors in a person that can affect the general oral care. Some of the negative oral behaviors that come with stress to weaken your smile include:

  1. Weakens your oral hygiene.

Stress steals away your time and concentration on your oral hygiene hence you don’t have time to give perfect care to your mouth. Normal and simple activities that will boost oral care such as flossing and brushing are easily neglected when you are stressed. It may also result in more sugary food consumption with may cause havoc to the oral care.

  1. Stress And TeethCan cause gum diseases.

The gums are very vulnerable to bacteria and require better protection from the body always. When the body is stressed, it reduces the number of immune cells to help protect the teeth which affect the normal oral care. Since the stress will continue to eat you up, it gives bacteria more chances to thrive and affect the gums and teeth in general.

  1. Frequent teeth are grinding.

You may respond to stress through the grinding of your teeth often especially at night. This may worsen as excess teeth grinding may result in painful jaws, broken teeth, and tooth wear.

Don’t dismiss stress in your life as it may affect the general look of the face. Be honest and handled stress to avoid experiencing it to the extremes. You need to work with an expert to help handle all matters that can cause stress in your life to enjoy perfect oral care.

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