stress and teeth

The Link Between Stress and Teeth

Stress has become a common phenomenon in our daily lives and the problem is how we don’t realize its detrimental effects on our health especially on the teeth. According to, there is some link between stress and teeth in various ways as discussed below;

Damage of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ)

Overuse of the jaw muscles as a result of stressful situations trigger damage to the TMJ. This is often associated with a clicking sound produced when one tries to open the mouth. This can also prevent tooth jaws from performing their normal functions properly.

Teeth grinding and clenching

Stress triggers clenching and grinding of teeth and it occurs mostly at night and one is unlikely to note it. This can lead to;
•Headaches due to increased tenderness and fatigue of muscles of the neck and face.
•Damaging of the temporomandibular joint.
Enlargement of neck muscles which cause pain and distortion of the face.
•Wear and tear of the teeth surfaces.

Gum diseases

Stress is associated with a reduced immune system and thus the body is not able to fight disease-causing microorganisms properly. This allows bacteria to survive which in turn cause gum infections.
A compromised immune system also leads to increased inflammation on the teeth gum causing disease. stress and teeth

Canker sores

Poor management of stress leads to the development of canker sores which are ulcerations that develop on the gums and are very painful.

Poor teeth hygiene

Stress is associated with fatigue. In this case, one may forget to brush their teeth and this harbours microorganisms causing teeth diseases and also bad breath. This eventually leads to tooth decay.

Dry mouth

Saliva in the mouth acts as a defence mechanism against disease-causing microorganisms. Dry mouth resulting from stress and medications taken to reduce stress lead to increased risk of developing gum diseases, tooth decay and infection.

Eating sugary snacks

Stress is associated with excessive eating of sugary snacks and this provides the tooth disease-causing microorganisms with a viable environment to thrive that eventually lead to tooth decay.

In conclusion, to avoid stress-related teeth problems, one should find proper ways of managing stress and seeking medical advice on already damaged teeth.

helping the elderly

Helping The Elderly People Who Can’t Walk

For elderly people who cannot walk, the availability of a mobility device to help with their daily activities is a welcome addition. Most seniors suffer from different physical conditions associated with old age, and they need our help when their cases turn to be severe. The most common conditions are arthritis and rheumatism, which cause them to feel pain in the joints or muscles when they go.

The only way you can help an elderly person who can’t walk is to help them a mobility device. Many health care manufacturers produce mobility devices for older people. You can choose from a wide range of equipment, from simple power wheelchairs to mobility scooters. The electric wheelchair is one of the traditionally popular mobility aids for helping the elderly. It’s reliable and also provides a good user experience. This is also suitable for seniors with more severe physical conditions, such as a disability of the legs. There is a joystick control that can be attached to each armrest as desired by the user.helping the elderly

Mobility scooters have been well received since the introduction of the power wheelchair less than five years ago. The mobility scooter also provides similar movement assistance to the user, but in a very hip and fashionable way. Scooter users ride like a motorcycle instead of sitting and steering like electric wheelchairs. There is a better and healthier picture than a person sitting on electric wheelchairs. Therefore, older people who have minor upper body problems choose the scooter over the wheelchair.

Concerning performance, both mobility aids are similar and are available in either a 2mph or 4mph model. Both motors are strong enough to carry users over ramps when there is no obstruction at the building entrance. Mobility scooters are a bit cheaper than an electric wheelchair, which is why older people opt for it. It’s also a fitting gift for the older family member in your home.