stress therapy solutions

Stress therapy solutions can reduce the stress levels

With the increased use of gadgets and more time spent commuting daily to the workplace, most people lead extremely hectic lives. This can greatly increase the levels of stress in their life which may cause different types of health problems. High blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, hair loss, insomnia are some of the health problems caused by high stress levels. Hence many people are interested in finding viable stress therapy solutions so that they can handle the high levels of stress in their life effectively, and not allow it to affect their health, personal and professional life. Contact our clinic to know more stress solutions.

stress therapy solutionsThere are different approaches to handling stress, and a person should choose the most appropriate approach based on his or her personal preferences. A sophisticated way of handling stress is by using the latest technology which incorporates biofeedback, brain wave reading, and training, EEG. However, it is not feasible for most people to use these methods which are fairly expensive. There are trainers who use other methods like counseling, time management, and changing the attitude of a person so that high work pressure or uncertainty does not cause stress.

Most people feel stressed if they have to do a lot of work in a short span of time. One way to reduce stress is by managing the time better. A person should time his various activities to measure the time required so that they can plan the use of their time better. They should be aware of their limitations and only take up the work they can do. Though they may face financial losses, it is better to refuse tasks if a person does not have the time or ability, since the person will feel stressed and the quality of the work may get affected. Analyzing the cause of stress and taking appropriate measures to prevent stress can greatly reduce stress levels.

can stress cause skin problems

Can stress cause skin problems

Can stress cause skin problems? Well, whenever it strikes, it can easily affect the whole body, nails, hair and YES your skin too. Although stress is a part of life,  handling your stress to save your body and skin from its severe effects matters a lot. You can bring back your skin’s glow when you visit for some useful skin beauty tips. Meanwhile, this is how stress affects the skin.

The skin and brain or let’s say mind are architecturally interconnected, and many nerve endings are connected to the skin, which means that whenever we experience any kind of emotions, all will play out on the skin. Stress affects the brain negatively, and as such, triggers a chemical response in the whole of your body. When this happens, the largest body organ-the skin- becomes more reactive and sensitive, and can also make it hard for skin problems to heal faster.

Stress makes your body to produce more cortisol, the hormone that tells the glands to produce more oil. And we all know that oily skins are at more risk of developing acne(stress is not the major cause of acne, but it’s a big player) and other skin problems that the skins that are not oily. And perhaps you may have discovered that you break out more when you’re stressed. Cortisol is the possible trigger of that.

Stress aggravates skin problems. It makes skin problem worse and can even trigger a flare-up of acne and skin blisters. It has also been found to aggravate eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, hives and skin rashes.

Stress also interferes with daily skin care routine. When you’re stressed, there’s more likelihood that you’ll skip daily skincare routine, which can greatly affect your skin.

Early aging may also be a sign of stress. Chronic stress makes a person to frown more, and we all know how frowning aids in premature aging. Stress, as i said earlier, triggers production of excess cortisol, which can cause insomnia, belly fat and excess frown lines, all of which when combined make your skin to age much earlier than you had expected.

You must take a breathe, a deep one, and take a look at the tips below to decrease stress and make your skin look better.

-Laugh, because when you laugh, cortisol levels drop sigificantly

-Surround yourself with only positive and good people or things

– Do some workout and physical exercises

-Ensure that you get good sleep

-Appreciate what you’ve around you. That’s called gratitude

-Practice meditation to boost your moods

-Take a breathe to relieve stress

– Eat a healthy diet.