saggy breast

Causes and treatment for asymmetrical and saggy breast

Every woman will want “perky” breasts which are firm, full and don’t sag. Unfortunately, young women might find themselves having saggy and asymmetrical breasts. Several factors may cause your breasts to be asymmetrical or saggy. But the good thing is that there’re remedies to treat all these.

What causes saggy breast?

  • saggy breastRapid weight gain followed by fast weight loss
  • Breastfeeding
  • Multiple pregnancies
  • Large breasts
  • Wearing a poor quality bra
  • Not wearing a bra
  • Smoking
  • Aging

How to treat and prevent breasts from sagging

  1. Managing weight – Gaining or losing weight too first may cause your breasts to sag. Make you keep your weight consistent at a level that’s healthy.
  2. Use a well-fitting bra – Use a bra that has ample support to reduce breasts movement. Using a wrong bra may have more effect than not wearing.
  3. Control your pregnancies – If you dream of maintaining your firm breasts make sure you avoid getting pregnant.
  4. Plastic surgery – If your breasts are too saggy and you need an option that’ll change them within a short time then getting plastic surgery is your choice. This’ll restore your breasts to a youthful appearance.

What causes breasts asymmetry and how it can get treated?

Breast asymmetry will occur when a breast has a different shape, size, position or volume from the other one. Breasts can be different due to several factors. Puberty, hormonal changes, and trauma are some of the common causes.

When ovulating your breasts will change due to blood flow and water retention, but they should regain their original shape and size during the menstrual cycle.   However, if the changes are permanent, then you should seek the help of an expert. By contacting an expert, they’ll advise you on the best steps to take. Surgery is the most used option.

In conclusion, asymmetrical and sagging breasts will be caused by several factors. By consulting a doctor, the condition will be examined, and you will get advice on steps to take.