acute stress disorder treatment

Acute Stress Disorder Treatment

In a world that is expose to chaos – no one is exempted from experiencing traumatic events such as, natural disasters, sexual violation, bullying, witnessing death or being in an accident. People
respond to these events differently, others can easily move on and live a normal life again and some suffers. These events can give nightmares that one can’t almost recover from, leading to serious mental health condition or stress. If you’re stressed and don’t know how to manage it, just click here to send us an email! We’ve laid out ways that you will find useful in dealing with stress. Meanwhile, here’s a brief discussion of acute stress disorder and it’s treatments.

Acute Stress Disorder (ASD)is a mental condition that people may experience after having a one or two traumatic events. This may occur with a minimum 3 days to not more than a month and without recognition and proper treatment, this can lead to a more serious mental state and additional mental disorders like anxiety and depression. This mental health condition is closely related to Post -Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). One can develop PTSD after experiencing ASD.

If one is having ASD, they must seek healthcare professionals who can work with them in
improving their coping mechanisms and prevent serious mental health problem.

Some of the acute stress disorder treatment may include: acute stress disorder treatment

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

-It is a common type of talk therapy. It may help the patients see their situation clearly and act in a more positive way. This treatment has shown to be effective.


-This technique can help patient manage their stress, control anxiety and promote
emotional health.


-Doctors may recommend taking anti-depressant for a period of time.

Building a Strong Support System

-Families and friend will be a big help in creating an environment that will help the
patient feel secure and recover fast to get back to their normal life.

Experiencing traumatic event is inevitable, and ASD is a common condition that can happen to
anyone. However, there’s always a way to prevent it. Be aware!

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How to Live a Stress Free Life

Mental health is very paramount as far as the image of happiness is concerned. Being able to live a stress-free life basically entails being able to control and accommodate various issues that range from expectations, bad habits, relationship issues to financial constraints. Having too much stress will obviously impact your life negatively including developing health problems. For one to live a healthy life, there are various factors that you must take into consideration. These include:

When it comes to stress management, this deals with controlling and monitoring things that induce stress in your life. Most of the stress triggers include negative events in your life and over expectations.

Here are some of the ways you can manage the stress levels:

Focus on the positive

Life is not always smooth, and in most cases, one has to go through various obstacles before he or she makes it in life. In fact, most of the successful people in the world always have a story to tell. For you to live a stress-free life, you must first focus on the positive things and ignore the other ones. Always become an optimist and believe the challenges you are going through is meant to strengthen you and not to bring you down.stress free

Lower your expectations

Most at times, we expect more in life, and we become stressful when things come out different than the way we thought. Life has a way of manifesting itself. And to live a healthy life, you must lower your expectations. Most of the people have big dreams, but accepting the situation and position you are in is the first step to greatness.

Cultivate your optimism

Another you must put in mind, is that you have that special, unique identity and you were made for a specific purpose. You have to stay optimistic and work smart to realize your dreams. Nothing comes in a silver plate; you must go for it having the right attitude to emerge a conqueror.

Always take part in active issues, perform regular exercises and eat a healthy diet. Also, associate with likeminded individuals and never strain to live like others. This will enable you to live a healthy live characterized by absolute happiness.

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Guide to Stress-Free Living: How to Live Stress-Free and Relax

Experiencing stress is normal for any human being, however, too much stress can negatively impact your life and lead to serious health problems.

Don’t forget about its negative effects on your physical appearance. Wrinkles, so far is the widely known side effects of stress. Botox injections and face lifts can work, but prevention is still 100x better.

If you are looking for ways that can help you live a happy and fulfilled life, here is a guide to stress-free living: how to live stress-free and relax.

Identify Your Stress Triggers and Work on Strategies to Tackle Them

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Stress can come from a variety of things and identifying the specific triggers is what will help you know how to tackle them. Is it your Job? Finances? Relationship? Or the death of loved one? Pinpointing the source of your stress is the first step towards dealing with it. Once you have identified the sources, you can map them down and try to visualize their severity and how you can deal with each source. If its finances, you need to create a budget and cut down on spending. If it’s piling obligations or tasks then you need to cut on your commitments, create a schedule and only give time to the essential tasks.

Have a Positive Outlook on Life

Don’t dwell on the past and the negatives but try to focus on the positive things in your life. Look back at the old happy photos, go to a festival with friends, take yourself out for dinner, go for a spa massage, buy a beautiful dress or a bunch of beautiful roses for yourself etc. Although these things may seem trivial, they really can help to uplift your moods and switch your thoughts from negative to positive.

Stop and Observe

Always take a moment to reflect and reconnect with yourself. Stop and observe how you talk and act. Observe your posture, how you walk, interact with others etc. Do not forget to acknowledge your senses i.e. notice anything that you can hear, taste or touch. Feel the sensations of heat, wind or cold. Allow yourself to feel anything and everything around you.

Forget Your Fear of Failure

At one point, we have all suffered from confidence crisis and stress from failure. However, it’s better to forget your failures and work on your strengths. Don’t let the fear of failure intimidate you but instead focus on what you can achieve if you stop fearing. Set realistic goals and find ways that you can use to achieve them.

Create Leisure Time

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There are many studies which confirm that there is a correlation between psychology, physiology, wellbeing, and stress. Medically, leisure time is considered a necessity and not just a reward. Always take time out and just relax.