acute stress disorder treatment

Acute Stress Disorder Treatment

In a world that is expose to chaos – no one is exempted from experiencing traumatic events such as, natural disasters, sexual violation, bullying, witnessing death or being in an accident. People
respond to these events differently, others can easily move on and live a normal life again and some suffers. These events can give nightmares that one can’t almost recover from, leading to serious mental health condition or stress. If you’re stressed and don’t know how to manage it, just click here to send us an email! We’ve laid out ways that you will find useful in dealing with stress. Meanwhile, here’s a brief discussion of acute stress disorder and it’s treatments.

Acute Stress Disorder (ASD)is a mental condition that people may experience after having a one or two traumatic events. This may occur with a minimum 3 days to not more than a month and without recognition and proper treatment, this can lead to a more serious mental state and additional mental disorders like anxiety and depression. This mental health condition is closely related to Post -Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). One can develop PTSD after experiencing ASD.

If one is having ASD, they must seek healthcare professionals who can work with them in
improving their coping mechanisms and prevent serious mental health problem.

Some of the acute stress disorder treatment may include: acute stress disorder treatment

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

-It is a common type of talk therapy. It may help the patients see their situation clearly and act in a more positive way. This treatment has shown to be effective.


-This technique can help patient manage their stress, control anxiety and promote
emotional health.


-Doctors may recommend taking anti-depressant for a period of time.

Building a Strong Support System

-Families and friend will be a big help in creating an environment that will help the
patient feel secure and recover fast to get back to their normal life.

Experiencing traumatic event is inevitable, and ASD is a common condition that can happen to
anyone. However, there’s always a way to prevent it. Be aware!

nose fillers

Best nose fillers for your ideal nose

If you have a bumpy or uneven nose, it may alter the entire facial appearance. If you’re unhappy with your nose, this can be corrected by the use of nose filler thereby creating a more symmetrical as well as appealing facial profile.

Most people who seek services have an unbalanced look, or the contours are extenuating showing there is a big bump on the nose bridge or a mild droop in the nasal tip. The nose filler technically makes the nose look, but it’s straightened and more balanced than before. The results give the face an even, balanced and beautiful look.

Types Of Nose Filling Procedure.

  1. nose fillersBy undergoing surgical rhinoplasty, the process may involve downward shaving of the bone or re-setting and breaking the nose. This results in swellings and bruising. This might require you to have some dressing on your nose before everything resumes to the best.
  2. While in the case of non-surgical nose filling is much simpler. This treatment is ideal for those who don’t want the risk of surgery, long recovery time. The treatments are good for small nose refinements. The process is pain-free since there’s are anesthetic in the filler. After the injections, one has to take care of the filler since it’s quite malleable. The doctor compresses and molds it, enabling him to make the nose into a perfect shape matching your face.

The Benefits Of Using Nose Fillers

  • The treatment gives immediate results
  • Quick recovery and no scars
  • The given injections are free from pain
  • One presumes the normal activities after the treatments
  • You can wear make-up just after your treatment

Nose filler is good in case you have an event coming and want to feel more confident looking at your best. This might be a wedding, family photographs, and a birthday party, where may photos will be taken. Actually, everyone wants to look their best with much self-confidence.

body contouring procedure

Understanding the different body contouring procedure

Body contouring refers to a number of treatments that reshape and sculpt the body to boost your proportions and figure. Body lift procedures normally work by minimizing unwanted fat or/and tightening your loose skin. In other situations, fat is usually added carefully to some areas like the buttocks to enhance your proportions and figure.

Note that, when we grow old, fat accumulates under the skin. Consequently, the skin together with other supporting tissues loses its elasticity. Weight loss also has a negative impact on the skin as it can also accentuate the skin to lose its elasticity, but for other people, body contouring can enhance reshape of your body parts such as love handles, thighs, and the abdomen.

There are four types of body contouring procedures. They include:

  1. Non-surgical (non-invasive) fat reduction procedures

This type of body contouring minimizes unwanted fat without either downtime or surgery. Desired and exceptional results always rely on a wide range of factors like the amount of fat that requires to be eliminated and the present state of the elasticity of your skin. It normally involves treatments such as coolsculpting and sculpsure.

Other non-surgical body contouring usually involves inconsistent or poor outcomes. They include fat reduction technologies inclusive of Vanquish, Zerona, and Trusculpt. Always seek medical advice prior to having such procedures on your body.

  1. body contouring procedureNon-Surgical (non-invasive) skin tightening procedures

They normally try to tighten loose skin minus surgery. There exist a group of devices available gadgets today that assist in doing this. These devices normally use a type of radiofrequency energy and others depend on light, vacuum technology and/or ultrasound. They usually go by several names like Ultherapy, Titan, Thermage, Venus Freeze, Exilis among others.

  1. Liposuction

This type of procedures eliminates unwanted fat under the skin via a tiny opening in the skin. This method can remove more fat in the skin than non-invasive treatments.

  1. Abdominal lifts and tucks

This procedure is the most invasive and normally requires surgery. It’s ideal for those people who contain loose abdominal skin, excess fat and weakened abdominal muscles.

It’s always important to consult a doctor before engaging in any body contouring procedures so that you can get the one that effectively suits your needs.

stress hair loss

Treatment for Stress Hair Loss

Are you finding that you are losing your hair quickly? Then perhaps it is because you may be feeling stressed. The reason why we can experience stress hair loss is that stress can wind its way through a specific area of the body’s construction. As a result of this, a person may also experience high cholesterol. In turn, the body may also increase its testosterone. If you are stressed out, visit our website at Site to know tips on how to manage yourself when you are stressed.

Testosterone is something that usually only occurs in the male’s body. If we are not careful, this can change hair grows very quickly and often unexpectedly. It is also good to be aware that a woman can still experience a similar thing. It is not something that occurs only in the male.

stress hair lossMost of the time, we do not take care of ourselves as we ought to when feeling stressed. We might decide that we are not hungry and end up not eating as much as we should. We might get lazy and end up buying take away food instead of cooking it up like we normally would.

Stress can also harm our immune system. This means that we are likely to get sick more often than what we normally would.

Dandruff can also be caused by stress. Dandruff is flaky and can often be itchy.

This condition often takes it’s time before it begins to happen. Depending on your hair growth cycle, it may take anywhere between 6 and 12 weeks before it occurs.

How To Treat Stress Hair Loss?

Whilst this condition cannot be completely cured, it can be managed.  Mindfulness, yoga, simple exercises and meditation are just some of the things we can do to manage the stress we may be experiencing.

Herbal remedies and Trichotherapy Regimes may also be used to treat this condition.  However, before trying these out, it is recommended to talk to your doctor first as they may have other suggestions for treatment.

saggy breast

Causes and treatment for asymmetrical and saggy breast

Every woman will want “perky” breasts which are firm, full and don’t sag. Unfortunately, young women might find themselves having saggy and asymmetrical breasts. Several factors may cause your breasts to be asymmetrical or saggy. But the good thing is that there’re remedies to treat all these.

What causes saggy breast?

  • saggy breastRapid weight gain followed by fast weight loss
  • Breastfeeding
  • Multiple pregnancies
  • Large breasts
  • Wearing a poor quality bra
  • Not wearing a bra
  • Smoking
  • Aging

How to treat and prevent breasts from sagging

  1. Managing weight – Gaining or losing weight too first may cause your breasts to sag. Make you keep your weight consistent at a level that’s healthy.
  2. Use a well-fitting bra – Use a bra that has ample support to reduce breasts movement. Using a wrong bra may have more effect than not wearing.
  3. Control your pregnancies – If you dream of maintaining your firm breasts make sure you avoid getting pregnant.
  4. Plastic surgery – If your breasts are too saggy and you need an option that’ll change them within a short time then getting plastic surgery is your choice. This’ll restore your breasts to a youthful appearance.

What causes breasts asymmetry and how it can get treated?

Breast asymmetry will occur when a breast has a different shape, size, position or volume from the other one. Breasts can be different due to several factors. Puberty, hormonal changes, and trauma are some of the common causes.

When ovulating your breasts will change due to blood flow and water retention, but they should regain their original shape and size during the menstrual cycle.   However, if the changes are permanent, then you should seek the help of an expert. By contacting an expert, they’ll advise you on the best steps to take. Surgery is the most used option.

In conclusion, asymmetrical and sagging breasts will be caused by several factors. By consulting a doctor, the condition will be examined, and you will get advice on steps to take.

healing beauty tip treatment

Beauty Tips: Healing Treatments for Stressed Skin

Facials are provided with natural items that shed the skin. Shedding includes expelling dead skin cells so the skin all over is left smooth and clean. A profound purifying facial uses steam to tidy up the pores and a cover to help evacuate clogged pores and enable your skin to look and feel energetic. Nature’s own particular facial joins new foods grown from the ground white mud to purge and tone the skin, which is perfect for individuals who are under a great deal of stress or are frequently drained. This sort of facial will give your skin a gleaming composition. Body shedding is another type of beauty tip treatment. This strategy shrouds the indications of maturing and furthermore hold that energy of your skin.

back rub
Back rubs are done to get the blood flowing, and they additionally help to relieve tense muscles inside your body. A few unique kinds of back rub methods are by and by. A Swedish back rub is performed with fragrance based treatment oils and smooth hand strokes that assistance to relieve torment in specific regions of the body. Profound tissue kneads include an alternate strategy that gives the muscle zones a chance to get a more careful infiltration. Oriental combination rubs are ideal for alleviating muscle a throbbing painfulness. This kind of back rubs might be finished with either Eastern or Western procedures.

A foot unwinding rub, which began in Europe, applies strain to nerve endings in the foot region that relate to the different organs inside the body. This is something beyond a run of the mill foot rub – the mending system permits adjust and concordance over into your body and to enhance your rest. A customary Thai back rub has been around for ages. This system utilizes weight and delicate extending of the muscles. This sort of back rub is done on a Thai sleeping cushion and does not include the utilization of any kinds of oil.fragrant healing

Fragrant healing or aromatherapy consolidates hydrating, rubbing, purifying. What’s more? Saturated to create a final product of sparkling and sound skin? A fragrant healing skin soother utilizes unadulterated lavender to help with easing skin that is tanned or sunburned. This procedure includes lavender being doused into the skin with a pack that will bring you the moment of alleviation. Utilizing a lavender cream will likewise assist you in retaining your tan for a more extended timeframe. Another recuperating method for the skin is the hot natural dirt wrap, which frees your collection of toxins on the skin.