Transgender breast implants

transgender breast implants

If you are a man and you want to become a woman, the first question will always be on breast appearance. The breast appearance is some of the controlling factors in women that must be achieved right in any transgender breast implants. This will enable transgender patients to achieve a perfect feminine figure and achieve their desired shape with ease. Best Breast Implants Melbourne is a surgery clinic that can help you when you want to undergo breast surgery.

Unlike most of the breast implants done on women, transgender may require more experience hence the need to select a specialized doctor in cases of a transgender implant. Working with an expert will easily bring out a perfect candidate for transgender breast implants at the initial stages which will result in a smooth transition and limited complications. Once you set your goal for transgender implants, the doctor will consider your medical history and get the best way to meet your needs. Some of the consideration that makes you a perfect candidate for breast implant include:

  1. Good physical health condition.
  2. Patient must be free from supplements.
  3. Free from other complicated medications.

Both general and local anesthesia can be used during the implant process depending on the patient and the doctor. For transgender implant, TUBA augmentation has been adopted in different cases following its minimal effects and easy to conceal. The doctor must adequately prepare the patient before an implant is done because there is a great difference after a transgender implant is done.

transgender breast implantsThe main process is by creating an incision of length less than 2 centimeters where the implant shell is inserted when empty. The implant shell is then filled with a solution of sterile saline depending on the desired size and shape before the incisions are closed.

You don’t have been admitted for the transgender implant to be done since it can be done on the same day and patients allowed to go home. The implant makes you achieve the feminine appearance and is considered one of the main steps of transforming from male to female.

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