Work Stress and Pregnancy

work stress and pregnancy

In addition to the physical factors that can affect pregnancy, there are many other factors that can also do such as work stress and pregnancy discomforts such as nausea, being tired or having a backache among others. Work stress is a very common problem encountered by most of the pregnant women during pregnancy. If this happens, you should seek a caring, gentle expert to help you get over stress or get a time off from work.

Having a good pregnancy means you need to work to maintain a healthy, positive physical and mental state. There is a strong indication that the physical and mental well-being of a pregnant woman during pregnancy can affect the process of giving birth and also the welfare of the child to be born. The mother-baby relationship begins at the moment of conception.

Although day-to-day stress is not always bad, long-term, chronic, overwhelming stress can be harmful to pregnancy. Most pregnant women associate work stress and pregnancy discomforts which are harmful during pregnancy with physical work. Note that emotional stress is the most harmful much more than the physical work that pregnant women may undertake in the work station. work stress and pregnancy

Work stress and pregnancy discomforts cause the production of certain hormones in the body, and these hormones may contribute to abortion and even cause premature birth. One of the most prudent things you can embrace to keep your child in good condition is to reduce physical and emotional work stress and pregnancy mood swings such as anxiety, feeling sad or are even angry without a genuine reason always ensure sharing your feelings with your friend in the workplace.

Keep close relationships with workplace friends, family members such as spouses, and other loved ones. Pregnancy is always full of emotional moments. The more friendly you are at the work station, the less stressed you will be.

Communication at the workplace is another important thing to maintain during pregnancy It is especially important to keep in touch with your work partner during pregnancy by having open discussions to solve any issue that may make you feel stressed.

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