stress lines in teeth

Stress Lines in Teeth

Stress lines in teeth are one of the most common lesions that affect the teeth. They are also known as “hairline cracks” and they occur over time due to prolonged use of the teeth from the time that they erupt into the mouth. The cracks on the teeth can either be vertical or horizontal, but most commonly vertical and the front teeth are usually involved. These cracks appear due to loss of the enamel, the hard outer layer that protects the teeth. If you wish to recover from stress lines in teeth, visit Critical Dental’s website for their wide range of dental solutions.

There are different causes or predisposing factors of stress lines on teeth. Physical stress or trauma to the teeth can cause the appearance of the stress lines, especially if the diet contains a lot of hard foods. Biting onto objects such as pens, ice cubes, fingernails and pens also lead to the appearance of cracks. Any habits that involve biting into hard objects should be avoided and discouraged in order to protect the integrity of the teeth.

In addition, habits such as grinding of teeth and clenching of the jaws can also cause hairline cracks on the teeth, as this tends to cause physical stress on the enamel.

Eating acidic foods such as lemons can cause the appearance of cracks on teeth and they should be avoided. It is advisable to rinse the mouth with water after exposure to highly acidic containing foods. stress lines in teeth

The stress lines in teeth may or may not give symptoms. However, when symptoms do occur, they present as tooth sensitivity which can progress to toothache, with the affected teeth being particularly sensitive to exposure of sweet and cold foods. As the condition worsens, there may be sensitivity to hot foods, signifying that the nerves inside the tooth are affected.

The best management of this condition is to avoid the causative factors. When treatment is recommended, your dentist may prescribe a special toothpaste for sensitive teeth, or dental fillings would have to be put onto your teeth in order to cover up the cracks.

fall out teeth

Causes of Teeth to Fall Out

Having a missing tooth can be very traumatic as it reduces your chewing ability, affects your facial features and leads to problem in speaking. Teeth fall out is very common in babies and old age people, but in adults, losing a tooth is unfavorable and can be a result of injury, tooth decay or periodontal disease.

Reasons for Teeth to Fall Out

Tooth fall out can occur as result of a number of reasons. Getting to know those reasons can help one to be aware of his/her mouth’s health and thereby prevent the problems causing teeth fall out.Below are a some causes of teeth fall out.

  • Bad Oral Hygiene

Failure to brush teeth daily can cause the acid producing bacteria to accumulate on the tooth’s surface. These bacteria affect the tooth enamel leading to cavities and gum diseases. Likewise it leads to the periodontal disease,that might damage the supporting tissues like bones and ligaments. It is very crucial to brush ones teeth at least twice per day and floss once per day for high oral hygiene.

  • Poor Nutritionsugars carbohydrate foods

Calcium is vital to keep the mineral density of the bone holding the teeth. Tooth loss might increase when there is less intake of calcium the diet. Foods that contain a lot of sugars, acids and carbohydrates can destroy the teeth and gums. Tobacco smoking, drinking and chewing affect the teeth and gums and may increase the severity of periodontal diseases.

  • Accidents or Injury

Teeth may fall out while playing or during a bike or car accident. Many contact sports such as boxing, basketball football and martial arts might injure or fracture a tooth and hence causing the tooth to fall out. You ought to wear a mouth guard when playing to hinder trauma.

These things that are mentioned are some of the reason that causes teeth to fall out.