A pain in the neck: Can wisdom teeth cause headaches?

Can wisdom teeth cause headaches? Although not every person has experience with wisdom tooth pain, it is important to know the cause behind tooth pain. Wisdom teeth can cause many problems, if they are impacted, you would need surgery. Feeling anxious about the procedure? Read www.scottstdental.com.au/wisdom-teeth-removal-recovery.

Can wisdom teeth cause headaches?

Yes, there are many instances when your wisdom teeth can cause pain all around the head. It would be normal for you to experience pain related to these teeth.

When wisdom teeth are growing in. It would be normal for you to feel some level of pain and discomfort when your wisdom teeth would grow in. The pain could radiate in your head, and that would be the reason for your pain.

can wisdom teeth cause headaches

When the wisdom teeth are impacted. If your wisdom teeth have already grown in, and you would be experiencing a headache, there is a chance that the teeth have become impacted. This is a problem that is not uncommon and it is caused by the lack of room in the jaw for the teeth to erupt in the mouth.


How you can relieve headaches caused by wisdom teeth

Over-the-counter medicines. You can likely treat the headache that is caused by your wisdom teeth with painkillers. If you are taking medicines because of erupting teeth, you can ask your dentist for which over-the-counter medicines would work best for you.

Use a saltwater rinse. Salt would be a natural painkiller, use lukewarm water with one to two teaspoons of salt. Swish around this liquid and make sure the affected teeth would be touched by the saltwater.

See your dentist. The last resort would be to talk to your dentist. They would be able to tell you if your headache is caused by your wisdom teeth or not.

The best solution for painful wisdom teeth


Using a salt water rinse and drinking pain medications can only go so far. If you have a headache caused by an impacted or infected wisdom tooth, it might be the best solution to have your wisdom teeth extracted. This would be especially true if you have impacted wisdom teeth because they stand to cause more trouble in the long run if you choose to keep them. On the other hand, even if the teeth are not impacted, but still cause your headaches now and then, it would be best to talk to your dentist about the options available to you.

Talk to your dentist


If you are experiencing pain in your wisdom teeth, or if you would have a headache that you think is caused by your wisdom teeth, it would be best to observe the pain that you are feeling. If your wisdom teeth would be crowning, headaches would be normal.


However, if you feel that you would have an infection in your wisdom teeth, and that would be the cause of your headaches, it would be a good idea to talk to your dentist, they can tell you if medicines or if the removal of your wisdom teeth would be the best course of action to take.

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