Which to choose: Mints or gum for bad breath?

gum for bad breath

Bad breath is one of the body odors that is simply embarrassing to have. Halitosis or bad breath may be caused by gum disease, a diet that you are currently taking, an intestinal disorder, or a side effect of a medication. But no matter what the cause is, the moment that you realize you have it and begin feeling shy because of bad breath, you tend to find a quick solution and turn to mints or gum. But which is better – mints or gum for bad breath?


Mints. There are so many kinds of mint candies that are available today, some stronger and mintier than the others. Aside from giving an instant fresh breath, some even help you stay awake like what caffeine does to you. The potency of the mint flavor also differs so you can choose which suits your need and preference. However, mints are candies which means they normally contain sugar which is a very big no-no. sugar is the favorite snack for bacteria, so instead of masking the foul odor, you are even contributing more to it. Try sugar-free mints instead.


gum for bad breathGum. There are also mint gums that freshen the breath instantly. According to some dentists, using gum is a bit more efficient in combating bad breath since the chewing mechanism our mouths do when we have a gum lets us produce more saliva. The saliva cleans the teeth and removes the acids that came from food, protecting the teeth from decay. However, if you have dental fillings, frequent chewing of gum is strictly prohibited as it can damage the integrity of your fillings.

Which is better?

Actually, it is hard to choose since both have their ups and downs when handling bad breath. However, if we are to choose which lasts longer, we would say that gum technically lasts longer. Mints act instantly but dissolve easily as well. Your gum, however, retains its flavor and smell for a longer period because even if the flavor is not there anymore, the production of saliva gets stimulated, so your teeth become cleaner.

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