The advantage of using a high speed dental handpiece

high speed dental handpiece

Dentists use a high speed dental handpiece for procedures. This article will talk about the convenience and ease of use of these high speed handpieces and how they benefit the dental practice. On a side note, this article may be useful if you are a patient who suffers from dental phobia because the viewing online the tools at might ease your dental anxiety.


What is a high speed dental handpiece?

High-speed dental instruments may be used by dentists is all the fields and specializations of dentistry. They have a higher speed and precision and are strong enough to cut through teeth and bone.


Advantages of using a high speed dental handpiece

It does not damage the pulp of the tooth. One of the most notable advancements that a high speed dental handpiece over a slow speed model is that it does not damage the pulp when it is used. The slower speed model usually does some damage to the tooth pulp because of the heathigh speed dental handpiece pressure and high vibrations that it produces during use. This is one of the reasons why many dental professionals opt for a high speed handpiece, not only to speed up the time consumed during a procedure but also to avoid injuring the patient’s tooth pulp.

The procedures are less painful. Less pain will also be felt by the patient if the dentist opts to use a high speed dental handpiece because the high speed model has better precision than that of the slower speed model.

Better patient satisfaction. With all the advancements that have been made to dental handpieces, patients will better be able to benefit from the high speed dental handpieces. They will be happier with the services, as well as because they will feel less pain and discomfort while the procedure is going on. Patients who have dental phobias and fear will also be put at ease.


Are there any disadvantages to using a high speed dental handpiece?

Since these handpieces pack more power in their punch than the slower speed models do, it is important to use them with caution. If a dentist is not careful enough, it is easy to wound a patient with the speed and power of the high-speed tool. The only disadvantage falls within the advantage it presents in the first place. However, most of the time, the use of high speed handpieces offers more advantages than disadvantages.


The takeaway

If you are a patient who is anxious about their dentist using high speed dental handpieces, there is nothing to worry about. If you have any qualms, talk to your dentist about them. They will be happy to explain to you about the dental handpieces, how they work, and show you much more effective they are in comparison to the slower speed models. There may be some slight risks, but as long as your dentist is licensed, they will be able to handle working with a high speed dental handpiece. After the treatment, you will see the advantages of how this tool is much better at doing its job rather than a slow-speed handpiece.

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