Introduction to Chinese Reflexology Massage

Introduction to Chinese Reflexology Massage

There are generally two aspects of medical treatment or medicine practice, one is western medicine which has been commonly regarded as modern medicine, and the other one is eastern medicine or Chinese medicine, which has been regarded as ancient medicine. The team of Wayne Massage in Sydney explains…


While western medicine emphasizes not only the importance of symptoms and its effects but also focuses on specific body parts or organs, Chinese medicine instead much prone to the understanding of the overall condition of the body itself and prefer regulation rather than treatment only.

There are no pros and cons here as both aspects are means to help us fight against any type of disease, and they just differ in concept and philosophy. However, due to the fact that western medicine tends to evaluate us as multiple body portions instead of a complete human being, people nowadays are much willing to try medical methods or treatment related to Chinese medicine. One of the effective and widely-accepted examples is Chinese reflexology massage.

Introduction to Chinese Reflexology Massage on Foot

Reflexology massage focuses on relieving stress generated from our body, especially for our hands and feet. Instead of just providing pressure only to the muscles itself like the ordinary massage, reflexology massage is much inclined to exert pressure on deeper and specific areas or spots, known as pressure points, in our tissues or organs. By stimulating these pressure points of our body with a suitable amount of pressure, we may not only feel comfortable and relaxed but also feel rejuvenated and recharged.


Chinese reflexology massage particularly specializes in the delicate control of pressure from the qualified therapists and the understanding of the connection of the pressure points to symptoms. These experiences or knowledge, like the amount of pressure being exerted, the number of pressure points required to be stimulated, the mutual effects of pressure points, the interpretation of symptoms, and so forth, all played a crucial part in reflexology massage and have made it unique and distinctive in the field of medical treatment.

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