Introduction to Chinese Reflexology Massage

Introduction to Chinese Reflexology Massage

There are generally two aspects of medical treatment or medicine practice, one is western medicine which has been commonly regarded as modern medicine, and the other one is eastern medicine or Chinese medicine, which has been regarded as ancient medicine. The team of Wayne Massage in Sydney explains…


While western medicine emphasizes not only the importance of symptoms and its effects but also focuses on specific body parts or organs, Chinese medicine instead much prone to the understanding of the overall condition of the body itself and prefer regulation rather than treatment only.

There are no pros and cons here as both aspects are means to help us fight against any type of disease, and they just differ in concept and philosophy. However, due to the fact that western medicine tends to evaluate us as multiple body portions instead of a complete human being, people nowadays are much willing to try medical methods or treatment related to Chinese medicine. One of the effective and widely-accepted examples is Chinese reflexology massage.

Introduction to Chinese Reflexology Massage on Foot

Reflexology massage focuses on relieving stress generated from our body, especially for our hands and feet. Instead of just providing pressure only to the muscles itself like the ordinary massage, reflexology massage is much inclined to exert pressure on deeper and specific areas or spots, known as pressure points, in our tissues or organs. By stimulating these pressure points of our body with a suitable amount of pressure, we may not only feel comfortable and relaxed but also feel rejuvenated and recharged.


Chinese reflexology massage particularly specializes in the delicate control of pressure from the qualified therapists and the understanding of the connection of the pressure points to symptoms. These experiences or knowledge, like the amount of pressure being exerted, the number of pressure points required to be stimulated, the mutual effects of pressure points, the interpretation of symptoms, and so forth, all played a crucial part in reflexology massage and have made it unique and distinctive in the field of medical treatment.

acne skin care routine

Know the best acne skin care routine

You may have noticed when you go to your preferred health and beauty store in the malls or online that there are so many brands that claim to be the best acne skincare product for a brighter skin. We cannot deny that the world is so polluted that it can easily cause skin breakouts. So, let us show you how you can achieve the best acne skin care routine.

Gentle cleansing

This is definitely a no brainer. Using your fingertips, cleanse your face, neck and the back of your ears. If wearing make-up, you can either wash your face twice or use a make-up remover solution or wipes. So many products in the market contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide which are great solutions for your acne. But if you are already using a prescription from your dermatologist, you should use unscented cleansers that are soap-free, like Cetaphil, Dove, or Neutrogena.

Add a toner to your regimen

We associate toners and astringents to harmful chemicals that peel our skin. But actually, they help clean our skin from excess oil, dirt, and cleanser or makeup residue. But if your dermatologist already prescribed acne medication or cleansers that are drying your skin, skip this one as it may cause more dryness to your skin.

Apply moisturizers

Yes, even if it is hot and humid outside, or even if you think you are too oily for moisturizers. Especially if you are using anti-acne medications that can dry the skin, moisturizers help bring back hydration. Choose a gel-type moisturizer or brands that are non-greasy and is formulated for oily skin so you wouldn’t feel extra oily and slick.


acne skin care routineThis is the part of your acne skin care routine that is easily neglected. Maybe because we are not really used to use it on a daily basis and we associate it with going to the beach or to a tropical paradise. But because our world is a bit more hostile than before and harmful UV rays can harm your skin, never skip this part again. Even if you are just going for a walk outside. You can also choose a moisturizer with SPF so caring for your skin wouldn’t be such a burden.

oral thrush stress

Oral Thrush Stress: A Patient’s Nightmare

Because health and beauty are two important things in our lives, especially now that social media makes everyone visible and relevant. We are now more conscious about how we look, and a single flaw that you may see may decrease your confidence instantly. So, imagine what would happen if you discover you have developed oral thrush or cottage-cheese like ulcers inside and around your mouth? You can visit this dental clinic in Chatswood, NSW to know more about oral thrush and its treatment. Let’s discover how real is oral thrush stress and how to manage it.

What is oral thrush?

Thrush is a yeast infection caused by Candida fungus. This type of yeast is apparently already present in parts of the body like our mouth and skin. However, certain instances increase their growth, like taking medications (steroids and antibiotics), getting ill, and weakening our immune system. These situations affect the normal balance of the bacteria, leading us to develop thrush.

What is it like to have thrush?

oral thrush stressYou may notice cottage cheese-like ulcerations inside the mouth, more commonly on the insides of the cheeks, the roof of the mouth, gums, or throat. It is visible when you speak, and is painful when you accidentally scrape or brush near it. Because patients who develop thrush also have a weakened immune system, chances of spreading the infection down to the esophagus and other parts of the body can happen.

Oral thrush stress is real

Because you have hideous and painful ulcers on your mouth, you lose your appetite and desire to bond with friends. Some feel defeated and self-conscious, thinking that what they have is extremely contagious and they should isolate themselves. However, this infection, like any other infection, can be treated. Taking antifungal medications for 2 weeks and supplements that help increase your immune system is all it takes to show the world your bright, ulcer-free smile. Oral thrush is also considered not contagious, although babies can pass it on to their mothers while breastfeeding. So just to make sure, avoid getting in contact while still under medication. Two weeks are all it takes, and you can beat the stress and pain thrush can cause you.

anti stress music

Anti stress music for stress relief

Life today can be pretty stressful and can throw a lot of different things on our way. Balancing health, happiness, work-life and social life can get complicated and from time to time everyone needs to unwind. There are different things we can do to make ourselves feel better and get rid of the stress – we can exercise, take a good bath, eat good food, read a good book, go see a great movie or just relax and listen to music.

As of recently, more and more people are turning to music as a therapy for their stress struggles. It’s already been well-established that music can have a soothing effect not just on our mind but on the body as well. Music with anti-stress characteristics has a relaxing effect on our minds and bodies, slowing heart rate with lowering blood pressure which eventually regulates the production of the hormones that cause different stress symptoms.

Unfortunately, not all music will have an anti-stress effect. It’s proven that the best music to listen to when you’re feeling overwhelmed is actually classic music. That kind of music has a slower tempo, less noise and overall fewer things that can negatively occupy your brain. Music with those characteristics can relax your muscles that will lead to your body and mind relaxing.

Besides that, listening to music will occupy your brain on all the right ways, leaving a little space for negative thoughts. That’s why listening to good music is getting noticed as a way of meditation.

anti stress musicNo matter what music experts recommend, make sure to listen to what’s relaxing to you. Even though classical music has proven positive effects on the stress relief and is seen as anti stress music, you can listen to any kind of music that has the same or similar effect to you. From time to time, everybody needs to relax and this is a great way to do that.

body confidence

Link Between Body Confidence and Stress

Attempts to better understand the link between body confidence and stress have been building momentum for quite some time. As part of such efforts, researchers have been examining the issue from multiple perspectives using a range of different methodological approaches. Researchers found out that people are stressed out when they don’t have confidence with their own body. Fight stress and boost your confidence by reading some blogs at bestbreastimplantsperth webpage.

Research Findings

Results from an Irish survey found that 72% of teenagers identify body image as a source of stress. Meanwhile, a study on young girls reported a correlation between healthy levels of body confidence and reduced exposure to stressors. Moreover, researchers have also suggested that body image could be affected by the cumulative stress accruing from early-onset puberty and dating.

Building on such work, a recent Australian study identified stress as one of the primary triggers of poor body image among teenagers. The findings echoed those of previous studies by reaffirming the gender-dependent nature of stress triggers. In this regard, the study found that girls were most likely to be stressed by peer pressure, whereas boys were most likely to be stressed by romantic relationships or by future uncertainty.

The Nature of the Link

body confidenceAcademics have linked reduced levels of body confidence to significant increases in stress. Conversely, however, it’s also been suggested that chronic stress could diminish body confidence. As a result of such interchangeable directionality, the nature of the underlying relationship between body confidence and stress is thought to be governed by a complex two-way interaction.

To complicate things further, the elemental nature of the interaction between body confidence and stress also seems to be related to self-esteem and depression. Indeed, the next step toward elaborating a more comprehensive understanding of the aforementioned interaction will likely involve studying how both depression and self-esteem influence the process.

Future Importance

Shortfalls in body confidence can serve as a gateway to further issues such as eating disorders, depression, steroid use, and overtraining. Building a more complete understanding of the link between body confidence and stress is integral to efforts to tackle the issues at hand. For example, pinpointing the exact causes of stress will not only significantly improve stress management programs but also provide windfalls in terms of promoting body confidence and nipping other potential issues in the bud.

nose twitching

Nose Twitching Causes and Treatment

Nose twitching is an involuntary muscle contraction that occurs repeatedly over time whereby the affected muscles of the nose move uncontrollably. Although known to be harmless, this can cause a lot of discomforts. If you’re having nose twitches and want to know how to treat this, you can contact a consultant at


There are various causes of nose twitching. These include;

  • Damage of nerves

Underlying neurodegenerative conditions such as multiple sclerosis, Tourette syndrome, and Parkinson’s disease often lead to nerve damage causing involuntary contraction of muscles. Nerve damage can also occur as a result of trauma caused by an injury which can lead to muscle contractions.

  • Nutrient deficiency

Deficiencies in certain essential vitamins such as vitamin D, an essential vitamin for nerve and muscle function can lead to muscle twitching. Deficiency in minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium are also associated with twitching of the nose since they are essential for maintaining healthy and proper functioning of nerves and muscles.

  • Use of certain medications

Some medications especially those that alter the hormonal balance, treat high blood pressure and asthma are often associated with the side effect of causing involuntary nose muscle contractions.

  • Sleep deprivation

nose twitchingLack of enough and quality sleep impairs the activity and function of neurotransmitters, hormones in the brain responsible for transmitting information to nerves that control muscle contraction. This phenomenon leads to muscle twitching. Sleep deprivation can also occur as a result of stress and anxiety, conditions that cause impaired muscle function due to increased muscle tension and impaired neurotransmitter activity causing twitching.

  • Excessive dehydration and consuming caffeinated drinks

Caffeinated drinks are associated with overstimulation of the body which prompts muscle twitching. Also, body dehydration can impair muscle function leading to twitching.


This can be effectively managed with home remedies involving lifestyle changes that improve the nerve and muscle functioning. These include;

  • Eating a healthy and balanced diet rich in magnesium, calcium, potassium, and vitamin D nutrients. This can be achieved by consuming dietary supplements rich in these nutrients.
  • Regular exercising can help in managing stress. This will lead to reduced stress and improved sleep that effectively prevent twitching.
  • Drinking plenty of water and avoiding the intake of caffeinated drinks which will help improve muscle and nerve function.
  • Taking prescribed medications for underlying neurological and nerve damage disorders.
meditation music for anxiety relief

Meditation Music for Anxiety Relief

It’s been proven that music, when exercising, makes you improve your skills and your stamina in a very high percentage. It makes you lift heavier weights in case that’s what you do, it makes you run longer and faster in case you are a runner. You get the point, but there’s another side of music, or better said, another side of its magic and what it can do to our brains, to our bodies, our feelings. This was how meditation music for anxiety relief was discovered. Listening to a meditation music like that of nature’s is like a sedative. In fact, the sound of cascading water can calm anxious patients.

The use of meditation music for anxiety relief s a method of escaping. But escaping from what? The answer really is: escaping from anything. And of course, it’s also a method use to heal. Music has helped patients with Parkinson’s disease recover their movements, music can put a smile on those who don’t remember because of Alzheimer disease and music can relieve bad feelings like anxiety.

Anxiety. Yes, it can. Don’t believe it? Try it by yourself. Still don’t believe it? Don’t close your eyes, instead look at the sky. Let me get into that… meditation music for anxiety relief

The thing is, it doesn’t have to be any song, or just a relaxing song, or a “chill mood” song. No. music has gone so deep into science that there are songs created and specifically designed by dedicated and professional musicians that study how to heal people with music, that there are songs for treating anxiety, depression and more. But it has to be one of these songs; a designed song, a composition for this purpose.

It will contain the right notes, the right “colors”, the right arrangements and chords to stimulate what your brain and your body needs for relief.

The bottom line is music can’t be explained by words, so you will have to trust this and try it. Go on your favorite digital music platform, find the correct playlist, if you don’t have one, go on and search on the web for these songs, and don’t listen to them inside your room with your eyes shut, or even inside your house, instead, look at the sky.

how to stop clenching jaw from stress

How To Stop Clenching Jaw From Stress

Stress is one of the risk factors associated with jaw clenching, a condition that occurs subconsciously especially during sleep or even during the day as a reaction to stress. Jaw clenching is characterized by unexplained pain in the jaw and face area, headaches, swelling in the gums, increased tooth sensitivity due to enamel destruction and teeth breaking which may later lead to tooth loss. A tooth loss however can be rectified when you get digital dental implants. But you don’t have to wait for your condition to reach that point. There are various ways on how to stop clenching jaw from stress so read on.

Ways on how to stop clenching jaw from stress

Regular exercising

Exercising is one of the best methods of relieving stress and practicing it on a regular basis helps in preventing associated jaw clenching.

Getting a therapeutic massage

Having a therapeutic muscle massage helps in relaxing the muscles by relieving tension from within the body. This helps in preventing jaw clenching.

Massage can also be done without a professional whereby an individual rubs the tense jaw muscles relaxing them.

Taking a warm shower just before going to bed how to stop clenching jaw from stress

This is another way of relaxing jaw muscles and other body muscles from the stress that is an excellent method of preventing jaw clenching due to stress.

Jaw muscle tension can also be relaxed by applying a heating pad to the affected area.

Avoiding the use of alcohol, caffeine or eating caffeine-containing foods

Consuming alcohol or caffeine-containing foods before bedtime stimulates the body thus increasing body tension and preventing quality sleep. This increases the chances of jaw clenching during sleep.

Avoiding chewing hard foods and other non-food substances

Chewing hard foods and other non-food substances such as writing materials enhance jaw clenching and hence not recommended.

Seeking help from a health professional

Talking to a mental health professional can be a great help in counseling and individual to help reduce and manage their anxiety and stress. This helps prevent jaw clenching.

Use of medications

Individuals who experience severe jaw clenching can take prescribed muscle relaxant medications that help in preventing clenching of jaws. However, these medications are addictive and therefore individuals using them should be cautious.

Therefore, proper stress management is recommended to help in preventing jaw clenching and associated health problems.

jaw pain and stress

The link between Jaw Pain and Stress

Is there any relationship between jaw pain and stress? Most people tend to experience the duo at the same time. Jaw pain is one of the most common dental condition that dental patient experience but fail to understand the cause. It’s clear that one can lead to or cause the other hence it depends on what you first experience. To get to know the common causes of jaw pain you can visit for some useful information.

Jaw pain can cause a lot of trouble since the pain once experienced can easily cause stress and spread to other parts. With the unique bond that exists between the two, some people will experience stress the moment any jaw pain develops. Jaw pain can just be another stress when not perfectly managed following the unique feeling victims are likely to experience.

Understanding the relationship between jaw pain and stress.

You can never tell exactly how jaw pain develops and when it’ll happen to you hence the need to always remain prepared. Some of the jaw pain conditions can be experienced as an emergency causing a lot of discomfort to the body. The pain in the jaw isn’t limited to the mouth a lot and may be accompanied by fever, itching and irritation around the jaws. jaw pain and stress

Whenever the body experiences jaw pain, it responds to the condition and tries to restore comfort. Since this can be harmful to the normal functionality of the body, the inner body defence mechanism responds hence causing stress. You must be careful since stress caused within the body can manifest in different ways making the condition even worse.

How to respond to jaw pain and stress

In most of the cases, stress can’t be avoided making it very necessary to deal with the jaw pain. When you experience jaw pain, you should avoid teeth clenching since this can cause more strain on the muscles to add to the pain. Don’t give the chance for the body to overreact and cause more stress when the pain increases. Always make sure the stress level is within control through relievers and the right treatment for the jaw pain