Know the best acne skin care routine

acne skin care routine

You may have noticed when you go to your preferred health and beauty store in the malls or online that there are so many brands that claim to be the best acne skincare product for a brighter skin. We cannot deny that the world is so polluted that it can easily cause skin breakouts. So, let us show you how you can achieve the best acne skin care routine.

Gentle cleansing

This is definitely a no brainer. Using your fingertips, cleanse your face, neck and the back of your ears. If wearing make-up, you can either wash your face twice or use a make-up remover solution or wipes. So many products in the market contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide which are great solutions for your acne. But if you are already using a prescription from your dermatologist, you should use unscented cleansers that are soap-free, like Cetaphil, Dove, or Neutrogena.

Add a toner to your regimen

We associate toners and astringents to harmful chemicals that peel our skin. But actually, they help clean our skin from excess oil, dirt, and cleanser or makeup residue. But if your dermatologist already prescribed acne medication or cleansers that are drying your skin, skip this one as it may cause more dryness to your skin.

Apply moisturizers

Yes, even if it is hot and humid outside, or even if you think you are too oily for moisturizers. Especially if you are using anti-acne medications that can dry the skin, moisturizers help bring back hydration. Choose a gel-type moisturizer or brands that are non-greasy and is formulated for oily skin so you wouldn’t feel extra oily and slick.


acne skin care routineThis is the part of your acne skin care routine that is easily neglected. Maybe because we are not really used to use it on a daily basis and we associate it with going to the beach or to a tropical paradise. But because our world is a bit more hostile than before and harmful UV rays can harm your skin, never skip this part again. Even if you are just going for a walk outside. You can also choose a moisturizer with SPF so caring for your skin wouldn’t be such a burden.

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