Which to choose: Mints or gum for bad breath?

Bad breath is one of the body odors that is simply embarrassing to have. Halitosis or bad breath may be caused by gum disease, a diet that you are currently taking, an intestinal disorder, or a side effect of a medication. But no matter what the cause is, the moment that you realize you have it and begin feeling shy because of bad breath, you tend to find a quick solution and turn to mints or gum. But which is better – mints or gum for bad breath?

Dentures vs implants pros & cons

It’s quite common for the elderly to suffer from oral health issues, and most of the time they end up needing a false teeth. Although it may seem that a regular set of dentures will deliver the goods, there are also other options at present thanks to the advancement of technology. These happen to be implants, and in the subsequent paragraphs, we have thrown light on the topic:tooth implants vs dentures for elderly by discussing the dentures vs implants pros & cons.