Most Painful Dental Procedure

Most Painful Dental Procedure

As children, we feared our dentists. As adults, we don’t do any better. We are still the same terrified person from the inside when we show up at the dental clinic. The thing about dental proceedings is that there is a devil at every level. Among all the dental procedures, the root canal can be deadly as hell — a piece of information confirmed by scores of horrified dental patients. It’s a pain at another level altogether.

We are stressed out when we think about going to the dental clinic. We have to manage our dental anxiety because going to our dentist does not only keep our teeth and gums healthy but it also give us the confidence to flash our beautiful smile.

Of course, a root canal performed under the effects of anesthesia won’t prove to be the most painful dental procedure under the sun because the local anesthesia will curb the pain to a great extent. But, there are times when a dentist chooses to perform root canal without anesthesia. For instance, a pregnant lady may not be too keen on taking any kind of drugs during pregnancy. That said, one can stop the dentist in the middle of the treatment and request for anesthesia to deal with the unbearable pain.

painful dental procedure

The idea behind the root canal is to eradicate the nerve-containing pulp. So, think about it! A nerve is being removed without anesthesia. It’s surely going to hurt like crazy. That said, some root canals may not require too much of drilling or other works. It’s all guns down to how dead the nerve is. If the nerve is totally dead, then nothing is going to hurt. In all other cases, to state that the root canal procedure will be extremely painful one would be an understatement.

Even if you are a pain tolerant person, the root canal procedure may not be your cup of tea. Keep in mind that a dentist with zero sense of humor and a heavy hand can worsen the state of affairs for you. So, that’s another pain point by itself. And, there’s not much you can do about this thing. Frankly speaking, it would be a real test of your luck and patience to endure the most painful dental procedure without local anesthesia.

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