Link Between Body Confidence and Stress

body confidence

Attempts to better understand the link between body confidence and stress have been building momentum for quite some time. As part of such efforts, researchers have been examining the issue from multiple perspectives using a range of different methodological approaches. Researchers found out that people are stressed out when they don’t have confidence with their own body. Fight stress and boost your confidence by reading some blogs at bestbreastimplantsperth webpage.

Research Findings

Results from an Irish survey found that 72% of teenagers identify body image as a source of stress. Meanwhile, a study on young girls reported a correlation between healthy levels of body confidence and reduced exposure to stressors. Moreover, researchers have also suggested that body image could be affected by the cumulative stress accruing from early-onset puberty and dating.

Building on such work, a recent Australian study identified stress as one of the primary triggers of poor body image among teenagers. The findings echoed those of previous studies by reaffirming the gender-dependent nature of stress triggers. In this regard, the study found that girls were most likely to be stressed by peer pressure, whereas boys were most likely to be stressed by romantic relationships or by future uncertainty.

The Nature of the Link

body confidenceAcademics have linked reduced levels of body confidence to significant increases in stress. Conversely, however, it’s also been suggested that chronic stress could diminish body confidence. As a result of such interchangeable directionality, the nature of the underlying relationship between body confidence and stress is thought to be governed by a complex two-way interaction.

To complicate things further, the elemental nature of the interaction between body confidence and stress also seems to be related to self-esteem and depression. Indeed, the next step toward elaborating a more comprehensive understanding of the aforementioned interaction will likely involve studying how both depression and self-esteem influence the process.

Future Importance

Shortfalls in body confidence can serve as a gateway to further issues such as eating disorders, depression, steroid use, and overtraining. Building a more complete understanding of the link between body confidence and stress is integral to efforts to tackle the issues at hand. For example, pinpointing the exact causes of stress will not only significantly improve stress management programs but also provide windfalls in terms of promoting body confidence and nipping other potential issues in the bud.

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