What is male breast reduction surgery, and why is it needed?

male breast reduction surgery

It is also possible for a male breast reduction surgery to be done. The proced

ure is not only reserved for women alone. It can be performed on men who are conscious of their chest can have this type of surgery done. Men that are concerned about this issue might want to read this www.refineclinic.com/male-breast-reduction-sydney/.

What is male breast reduction surgery?

Having a large chest is thought to be a feminine feature. This is why men with an enlarged chest may sometimes feel conscious about their appearance. This is where male breast reduction surgery comes in. The treatment is meant to help men who have gynecomastia, or the enlarged breasts in men. The reason for this condition is the excess fat and tissue in a man’s chest. A male breast reduction surgery is done to remove the excess fat and tissue in the chest and make the man have a more masculine contour in their chest.

Why is it needed?male breast reduction surgery

This type of procedure is needed by men who are conscious of their appearance. The procedure will provide a boost of self-esteem and self-love. It will enable men who do not like the way they look to feel better in their own skin. 

Some people opt for liposuction to deal with their problem of enlarged male breasts. It usually falls to the cosmetic surgeon to tell the patient which type of cosmetic procedure will benefit the patient more, depending on their needs.

Recovery and life after the procedure 

Right after the surgery is finished, you will notice a big change in your chest size. Some level of pain is normal and your doctor will provide you with a prescription for painkillers. You will also be given a compression garment that will help your chest heal as well as to reduce the pain you will feel during the recovery period. Ask your doctor when you will be allowed to resume your normal daily activities, to be sure you do not interrupt the healing process.


It is important to follow your surgeon’s advice for you to maintain the results of the surgery. Just like any cosmetic surgery that allows the patient to have a more shapely and contoured body, the results are not permanent. They have to be maintained. If they are not maintained, it is possible to have another male breast reduction surgery done. However, since these operations are costly and are not likely going to be covered by insurance, it is a wiser investment to take care of the initial results of the surgery.

The first step

If you are a person who feels self-conscious about enlarged male breasts, the most logical first step you can take is to find a good surgeon. Once you meet a doctor you are comfortable with, you can discuss with them any questions you might have about male breast reduction surgery. If you have any qualms about the procedure, the doctor will be able to make you feel more at ease. They will also be able to tell you if the procedure is right for you, and they will inform you of any risks that accompany the procedure. 

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