Oral Thrush Stress: A Patient’s Nightmare

oral thrush stress

Because health and beauty are two important things in our lives, especially now that social media makes everyone visible and relevant. We are now more conscious about how we look, and a single flaw that you may see may decrease your confidence instantly. So, imagine what would happen if you discover you have developed oral thrush or cottage-cheese like ulcers inside and around your mouth? You can visit this dental clinic in Chatswood, NSW to know more about oral thrush and its treatment. Let’s discover how real is oral thrush stress and how to manage it.

What is oral thrush?

Thrush is a yeast infection caused by Candida fungus. This type of yeast is apparently already present in parts of the body like our mouth and skin. However, certain instances increase their growth, like taking medications (steroids and antibiotics), getting ill, and weakening our immune system. These situations affect the normal balance of the bacteria, leading us to develop thrush.

What is it like to have thrush?

oral thrush stressYou may notice cottage cheese-like ulcerations inside the mouth, more commonly on the insides of the cheeks, the roof of the mouth, gums, or throat. It is visible when you speak, and is painful when you accidentally scrape or brush near it. Because patients who develop thrush also have a weakened immune system, chances of spreading the infection down to the esophagus and other parts of the body can happen.

Oral thrush stress is real

Because you have hideous and painful ulcers on your mouth, you lose your appetite and desire to bond with friends. Some feel defeated and self-conscious, thinking that what they have is extremely contagious and they should isolate themselves. However, this infection, like any other infection, can be treated. Taking antifungal medications for 2 weeks and supplements that help increase your immune system is all it takes to show the world your bright, ulcer-free smile. Oral thrush is also considered not contagious, although babies can pass it on to their mothers while breastfeeding. So just to make sure, avoid getting in contact while still under medication. Two weeks are all it takes, and you can beat the stress and pain thrush can cause you.

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