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pain free dental

Are you scared of the dentist? I mean, not the dentist per se, but the dental procedures that he may perform on you? Well, you are not alone. At least 1 out of 10 dental patients has phobia with dental procedures. And that is with good reason. Sometimes, dental procedures are solutions to dental pain and sensitivity, so performing them may also elicit the same sensations. This is where pain-free dentistry enters the picture. Let us discover how dentists give their patients a pain free dental experience and what procedures they are offering to give pain-free dentistry.


Pain free dental procedures

Are you scared of needles? Of surgery? Of the pain itself? Then the following procedures are going to be beneficial for you to prepare yourself in your upcoming dental treatment.


Pain-free injection

If your dentist offers this pre-procedure, it means that he is going to do something to numb your gums in preparation for the injection. It may be in the form of topical cream or gel or it can be a mouth rinse or spray that will anesthetize your mouth or the area where you will be injected on.


Spa ambiance

There are some dentists who use aromatherapy and music therapy to relax the patient before the procedure. Yes, this may be a superficial route but for some conservative patients who do not enjoy getting too many drugs into their system, a quiet and relaxing environment is enough to relieve their tension and stress.


Sedation dentistry

This is a side of dentistry that is normally performed for very anxious patients or for patients who will undergo quite a long procedure. There are several types of sedation dentistry that may be beneficial for your treatment.

laughing gasLaughing gas. Using nitrous oxide, a dentist will let the patient inhale bubble-gum scented gas that will relax him and even send happy thoughts all throughout the procedure. Opposing popular thinking, laughing gas does not put you to sleep, it just calms your nerves and makes you feel relax and happy so you forget your anxiety and fear. Its effect is temporary and you may also be allowed to drive yourself home after the procedure.

Pills. For patients who are really anxious and are unable to sleep at night in anticipation of the procedure, dentists can prescribe sleeping pills or sedative meds for you to take the night before your procedure and a few hours before the procedure itself.

IV sedation. Dentists do this by injecting the sedative meds intravenously. You are still awake during the procedure because you can still respond to the dentist’s inquiries; however, because you are completely relaxed and groggy, you may have difficulty remembering anything after the procedure and may feel sleepy.

Hypnosis. Some dentists swear by this procedure as a conservative yet powerful pain free dental procedure. Hypnotic practices remove anxiety from the patient and soothe their nerves before and during the procedure. Not many dentists offer this pain-free dentistry option, but those who do practice and trained a lot for this to be successful.

General anesthesia. This is the procedure that allows the patient to sleep the entire treatment. This may be applicable for a severely anxious patient or children who may not be able to stop moving during the procedure if awake. After the procedure, the patient stays in the clinic until all the anesthesia effects are out of the body and the dentist gives you approval for you to leave. This prevents any anesthesia side effects to get unnoticed and unaddressed.


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