Crossfit Nutrition – The Paleo Diet Controversy

Paleo Diet is a pretty big deal. You’ve got people writing books about it, people hawking DVD’s, even big name celebs are coming out of the woodwork to swear by this way of eating. The problem is, whenever anything gets this much attention, controversy follows.


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Paleo Diet has its share of controversy for sure. So many people have been changed by this diet and have used it to better their health and their lives. So many have lost weight and beaten illnesses with it. It all seems like a magic formula or something too good to be the truth. We’ve been programmed since childhood to look out for the charlatans, the swindlers who might take advantage of us.


The detractors of the Paleo Diet say that it’s just another fad diet, something to be here and gone like many a 90’s pop star’s careers. The truth is, many people have been eating this way for a long time without giving it the name Paleo.


Anyone on a “whole foods” diet is pretty much doing Paleo. It’s all about finding and eating foods that can be found in nature and letting go of the over-processed junk surrounding us today. The big difference is that Paleo is much healthier because of the richness of meat proteins which our bodies desperately want and need.


crossfit nutritionThere are people who believe that when doing an intense exercise program like Crossfit, that the Paleo diet is just another Atkins Diet or another Weight Watchers. A fad that will fail you in the gym and in the long run. The problem is, there are thousands of people who have real first-hand experience with doing both Crossfit and Paleo that can tell you that Crossfit nutrition IS Paleo nutrition. It gives their bodies what they need. They outperform the guy next to them that had oatmeal for breakfast.


So-called experts claim that Paleo nutrition is totally devoid of carbs, while the true Crossfitter is eating yams and beans and fruit. We are supplying our bodies with diets that environment intended us to eat. Right Crossfit nutrition doesn’t make you down, it ramps you up and keeps you going for the long haul. Just remember, at the end of the day your diet is your responsibility. It’s up to you to figure it out and choose the way of eating that you see fit.

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