work stress and health

Relationship between work stress and health

Most people have to work for a living, and their ability to work depends to a large extent on their health. Only if a person is reasonably healthy, he or she can do work and be productive. Even comparatively minor ailments like a cold or cough can greatly reduce the productivity of a person. Health experts have also noted the relationship between work stress and health; doing extremely stressful work can adversely affect the health of the person to a very great extent. However, the effect of stress on the health of an individual varies from person to person and depends on psychological factors also. Visit link to know how to manage your health.

work stress and healthOne of the factors which increase the stress on the individual is the amount of work that a person is expected to complete. The capacity of an employee to complete a certain amount of work will vary to a large extent, and it depends greatly on the skills, experience, and the intelligence of the person. Most competent managers are able to estimate the competence levels of their employees fairly accurately and allocate work accordingly which they can complete comfortably. However, in some cases, too much work is allocated, and the employee is unable to complete the work in the time leading to work stress.

One of the most obvious health side effects of work stress is reduced immunity levels for the person. This can immediately lead to a large number of illnesses like cold, cough, pneumonia which will further reduce the productivity or lead to absenteeism from the workplace. In some cases, workplace stress may make it difficult to sleep at night, again leading to reduced productivity, memory loss and increasing the number of errors the person will make. Work-related stress often causes ulcers of the mouth and stomach. Hence it is always advisable to assess the amount of work a person can do without feeling stressed and allocate work accordingly.