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Stress Chest Pain

One immediately associates chest pain with heart problems. And although this just might be the case and I would advise first seeking medical advice, one might also consider that it could be due to stress or anxiety.

Before we proceed, we would like to recomment reading through, a good article that we recently had come acrros which also provides great insight on how this affects our lives and overcome strees that this brings when it occurs.


Are you stressed or anxious?


Stress chest pain and/or anxiety is frequent. You may had those symptoms and can say that it is close to what one imagines a heart problem pain could feel like and sometimes even leads to heart palpitations.


stress chest painSo the first thing to do is consult a doctor who will take the necessary steps for having you checked. You might also in the meantime do some self-help with breathing and relaxation exercises. These are precious tools to have at your disposal.


When one is stressed or anxious, our breathing rhythm shortens until it’s actually only just happening in the top of our lungs, in the chest area, which is the area where fear is stored and felt if this way of breathing is kept up for long. This fear and shallow breathing creates a contraction of the muscles in this area and if it becomes chronic, leads to pain.


So the first thing to do is to take it easy and put your attention on your breath, staying with it, which will naturally let it become longer, deeper, finer so as to relieve the chest of the pressure.


How to do that?


An easy way to do that is to put the palms of both hands on the lower belly and to watch the sensations of the inside of the body, letting the movement of the breath be felt against the hands on the in-breath, pushing against them gently, and on the out-breath letting the hands go slightly back, in tune with the breathing as the belly contracts.


Continue this way of breathing for a while until you feel your whole system


  • and particularly the chest
  • has released tension (stress) and you have let a relaxed sensation be felt as your energy is now allowed to circulate freely and is not just stopping and being kept at the chest!

So these self-help relaxation tools are a good way of managing stress chest pain.

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