stress lines in teeth

Stress Lines in Teeth

Stress lines in teeth are one of the most common lesions that affect the teeth. They are also known as “hairline cracks” and they occur over time due to prolonged use of the teeth from the time that they erupt into the mouth. The cracks on the teeth can either be vertical or horizontal, but most commonly vertical and the front teeth are usually involved. These cracks appear due to loss of the enamel, the hard outer layer that protects the teeth. If you wish to recover from stress lines in teeth, visit Critical Dental’s website for their wide range of dental solutions.

There are different causes or predisposing factors of stress lines on teeth. Physical stress or trauma to the teeth can cause the appearance of the stress lines, especially if the diet contains a lot of hard foods. Biting onto objects such as pens, ice cubes, fingernails and pens also lead to the appearance of cracks. Any habits that involve biting into hard objects should be avoided and discouraged in order to protect the integrity of the teeth.

In addition, habits such as grinding of teeth and clenching of the jaws can also cause hairline cracks on the teeth, as this tends to cause physical stress on the enamel.

Eating acidic foods such as lemons can cause the appearance of cracks on teeth and they should be avoided. It is advisable to rinse the mouth with water after exposure to highly acidic containing foods. stress lines in teeth

The stress lines in teeth may or may not give symptoms. However, when symptoms do occur, they present as tooth sensitivity which can progress to toothache, with the affected teeth being particularly sensitive to exposure of sweet and cold foods. As the condition worsens, there may be sensitivity to hot foods, signifying that the nerves inside the tooth are affected.

The best management of this condition is to avoid the causative factors. When treatment is recommended, your dentist may prescribe a special toothpaste for sensitive teeth, or dental fillings would have to be put onto your teeth in order to cover up the cracks.

oral health

Importants About Dental Health Facts

health care dentalHaving good dental health facts is priceless. When you have a healthy range of teeth, it is a reflection of your overall health. However, many people do not give importance to oral hygiene. They do not know that oral health is a very important aspect of health and well-being. On the other hand, a good set of teeth can also increase a person’s self-esteem. Become more confident in dealing with others which makes you more productive and efficient.

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However, many people neglect that dental health facts is important. If you are one of them, read and find out more about oral health.

Diseases and conditions related to oral health. According to medical research, there are many diseases and conditions related to oral health.

1. Cardiovascular diseases: Poor oral health can cause gingivitis, a particular type of gum disease. When this happens, oral bacteria can affect a person’s heart. In fact, research shows that oral bacteria can cause clogged arteries, strokes and heart disease.

2. Osteoporosis: This condition may be associated with loss of teeth and bone loss of the gums.

3. Diabetes: It should be taken into account that diabetes can cause tooth loss. This is due to the fact that this disease can reduce the body’s ability to resist inflammation. When this occurs, the gums are at risk. Diabetics do not have enough control over blood sugar. This can lead to severe gum injuries.

4. Endocarditis: This is a special condition in which the inner lining of the heart is exposed to infection. This occurs when the bacteria enter the bloodstream. The infection will be worse if the person has a damaged heart valve or a weakened immune system.

Promote good dental health

Everyone should realize that maintaining good oral health is not at all expensive. While doing essential dental care, you can maintain good dental hygiene. Remember to clean your teeth at least twice a day. A new toothbrush is required after 3 months of use. After brushing your teeth, do not forget to use mouthwash and dental floss. The tongue scraper is also useful for removing bacteria from the tongue. Another important thing you have to do is visit your dentist regularly. Your dentist will be able to detect early signs of tooth problems or gum disease. He will be able to keep his teeth as healthy as possible.

Find the right dentist

You may think finding the best dentist is a daunting task. Keep in mind that you can always search online if you want to find the right dentist. A trusted dentist and trainer can provide dental care and advice. Or ask your friends or colleagues if they can recommend a dentist.

man wearing red mouthguard for teeth grinding

Choose a proper mouthguard for teeth grinding

Mouthguards are very important in our life especially when we want to protect our teeth and prevent them from grinding whenever we are sleeping. There are also situations when we participate in sports such as boxing which can expose our teeth to damage. An Epping orthodontist suggests that getting a mouthguard for teeth grinding will save you from future problems related to worn out teeth. Even though teeth grinding (bruxism) may seem to be a very challenging disorder, more research has been done to ensure a solution is found to help people with such a problem.

muthguard for teeth grinding or sports

Mouthguard types available in the market

Stock mouthguards. This kind of mouthguards is relatively cheap and can be found easily in the sports shops. They come in large medium and small sizes which make them fit on most of our teeth, they can be used to cover the top of our teeth. Their main challenge is that their size may not fit you which may cause difficulty when you having them on your mouth.

Boil and bite mouthguard. This is the best choice for everyone. You just need to visit your drug store and find one which comes in almost the same size. Its advantage is that you will only need to boil it to ensure its soft then you press it on your teeth. This ensures it fits effectively.

Custom made mouthguards. Visiting your dentist will allow you to get the best-customized mouthguard which works with the exact mold of your mouth and teeth. This can help you more from teeth injury and grinding.

After you have identified the best mouth guard to use while you are sleeping, you will find it very easy to maintain your teeth and prevent it from grinding while you are asleep. You also need to know that the mouthguard can also help to reduce how you snore. Proper maintenance is also very necessary if you ever wish to have a quality result from this items.

dental check up cost

How Much Does Dental Checkup Cost

Most people feel they don’t have enough money to visit the dentist because of the dental checkup cost. Meanwhile, some of these people are suffering in silence.


You see, irrespective of what the dentist will charge, there is a need for a regular checkup of the health condition of your teeth. Maybe, if you see the reasons why you should visit the dentist regularly you may consider it worthwhile having your teeth checked and not minding the supposed cost.


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One of the reasons to check the health conditions of your teeth is to take adequate preventive measure. There are many people having decayed teeth because they never gave the necessary attention to the little signs they were having in their oral cavity.


Most of them end up paying more than they would have paid for the checkup and early treatment. And sometimes you would observe that, teethe decay often occur in older people. That means, they never gave adequate attention to having their teeth checked regularly by a qualified personnel.


You shouldn’t be a victim of teeth decay in your old age. However, in the recent times, teeth decay is no longer limited to the older people. Younger people are having the same problem.


If you ask many of the young people around about their doctors, it’ll surprise you to discover that they don’t have physicians that check their health status regularly and haven’t visited a qualified physician to look after their health not to talk more of the health of their teeth.


After all, they feel they brush their mouths every morning and sometimes in the evening before going to bed. This is not healthy for anybody at all.


Again there are people who don’t smile in the open. If they dental check up costdare open their mouths to smile or laugh out loud, or even talk to you, the kind of aroma that would be oozing out from their oral cavity will be like explosive device that chases people away. And it does chase friends and families away from them. Such persons wouldn’t even be proud of themselves in public gatherings. You can save yourself of such embarrassment.


Therefore, having your dental checkup regularly will save you from some public disgrace and diseases associated with the improper care of the teeth. It’ll further prevent periodontal infections and gums bleeding. You’ll also be saved from tooth loss.


Improve your good self-confidence to smile and laugh with friends, families, and colleagues by visiting the dentist today.